The Giants Hearts Are Still Beating, But Colorado Stepped On Mine

Heartbreaking loss tonight, it didn’t have to be this way.

Talk about an on the edge of your seat baseball game, total back and forth. If I wasn’t absolutely destroyed right now I might even be able to call it a good game. After the end of the second inning I had nothing but confidence that we were going to run away with this one. Even after Chi Chi had noticeably settled down and the Rockies added two runs in the fourth, I still felt good. Emotions changed a little after the Rockies took a 4–3 lead in the seventh. So I moved my coffee table out of the way so I could sit on the ground to watch the remainder of the game. True fans have to do weird shit like that.

We get to the eighth inning and her comes Brandon “Belted” one to deep center. Still sitting on the ground, but my heart beat is back. That’s the end of the scoring until we get into extra innings. Bottom of the tenth and Wilmer Flores WALKS. IT. OFF! Shit, no he didn’t…. Man I jumped onto my feet and it was slow motion as I prepared to celebrate. The ball going, going, short.. Flores missed the walk off two run homer by a matter of feet. Talk about a shot to the chest, just heartbreaking. Once into the 11th Tapia is able to hit a deep fly ball, sac fly, Rockies up 5–4. Now in the bottom of the 11th the game ends as Slater grounds into a double play.

A couple notes

We left multiple runs on the table in the first two innings. Chi Chi was lost on the mound and the Giants we ripping singles all over the place. Belt getting cheated with bad strike calls hurt and Dickerson getting thrown out at home by a mile was another puncture wound.

I don’t like Trevor Cahill, I just don’t. He throws the same pitch in the same location in every game to every batter. I know that 90% of his pitches are out of the zone, but there is no need to guess for opponents when facing Cahill, they know what’s coming and where it’s going to be. In such an important inning in a must win game I kept saying to myself, “Where the hell is Watson?”

Coonrod gave up the two runs in the seventh. I can’t say that Coonrod coming in cost us the game because you never know what’s going to happen in baseball, but if we could have gotten one more inning from Gausman, I don’t think Coonrod would have been in this game. Gausman was on track, and I believe would have pitched the seventh if it wasn’t for that freakin 15 pitch at bat in the sixth. That tipped his pitch count much to high for him to be able to carry on into the seventh. I know its not fair to play “what if,” but I say Gausman gets through the seventh, we get Watson in the eighth, and the outcome could have been much different.

This one really hurt, especially since we had the opportunities to win it. All we can do now is get ready for tomorrow. We’ve got a double header against San Diego who has owned us this year. We can’t lay down and die, we have got to fight. This has been a wild and emotional season for all players and fans, except for the fans that keep saying the season doesn’t count, fuck you guys. Tomorrow is the day, because if we get swept in the double header, it’s over.

Originally published at on September 25, 2020.



I’m a dreamer, I’ve made a lot of sacrifices to be able to pursuit my dreams. I sold my home and quit my job to focus on my dream of becoming a writer.

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Zach Walling

I’m a dreamer, I’ve made a lot of sacrifices to be able to pursuit my dreams. I sold my home and quit my job to focus on my dream of becoming a writer.